Food Designs by Jannette


Temporarily closed due to COVID 19. Please feel free to call for future information.


     "Mushroom Man" Bar

    With our chef sautéing at this station, your guests are invited to choose from a variety of fresh farm raised and exotic wild mushroom. Straight from the pan, overflowing with flavor, our chef serves up cremini, shitake, enoki, & chanterelle mushrooms perfectly seasoned and flambéed with wine, chicken stock and brandy. It’s difficult to describe just how wonderful they taste. And when chef tips the pan to ignite the flambé, the amazing pyrotechnics receive a resounding "wow" from the crowd. A great show and a great taste.
Mushrooms and toads, and frogs and water lily leaves, whimsical all, help carry the theme of this station. Plants and Props, Statues and Sculptures all delight the eye, while the flavors of the mushrooms do the rest.